Magic Homemade Vapor Rub

Growing up my families homemade rub was a staple in our house for anytime we got sick. This stuff is magic in a little plastic tub. It is similar to vicks vapor rub but so much better. I have had pneumonia twice and this stuff has been the only thing that seriously helps.  Also a little random tip when you are sick put some on the soles of your feet and slip some socks on over that and it helps a ton as well. Here is the recipe

Moms Rub:

2TBSP= 2oz.

2 oz. oil of Turpentine (has to be the oil not spirits or it won’t work)

2 oz. oil of Peppermint

2 oz. oil Eucaliptis

2 Cakes Camphor Gum

Use a knife to sliver the 2 cakes camphor gum into the oil and let it sit for half a day

6 oz. Vaseline

Melt the vaseline on the stove top or microwave and than add the rest of the mixture. Let it sit for the rest of the night.

If you have any questions feel free to comment and ask 🙂



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