Advice on Waiting for a Missionary

Recently I read a blog post about waiting for missionary from another girl. I found her post a little to harsh and didn’t fully agree so I thought I would write my own post about my thoughts on waiting and advice I would give myself.

I waited for my husband Brandon while he served his two year mission. Brandon’s mission was great but there alot of things I wish I would have realized at the time. Before you read this just realize that all I am about to say is just my personal opinion, every girl receives her own personal revelation about what is right and it might be different from what was right for me. So here it goes if I could go back and give myself advise this would be it

Freshman stage(1-6 months) and Sophmore stage (6-12 months)
– start saving right now I know shopping is therapeutic and you are constantly buying Ben and Jerry’s  because they are the only other men in your life but you don’t need those and marriage and all the plans you have in the future are expensive and you can save so much if you just cut that in half. Also try to avoid debt because that effects more than you someday

-keep busy this could mean go work, be around friends, or learn new hobbies. I could been awesome at so many different thing if I used the time I spent crying to develop my talents. Also if you keep busy it helps the sadness

-it’s ok to be sad sometimes, but you have so many blessings that others don’t and you are loved so realize those things and don’t dwell on being sad all the time

-he still loves you, he can’t always send letters, but he loves you!!! Be glad he is focused

– don’t be too jealous. I know it’s hard but try

-realize other people are allowed to say they miss someone who isn’t on a mission

– keep fit and don’t eat too much Ben and Jerry’s

-keep a journal and write everything down

-keep your letters uplifting

Junior stage(12-18 months) and senior stage( 18-24 months)
– it’s ok he is not writing you as much, it means he is focused and being a good missionary

– remember its ok to date and have fun. It helps you grow and really realize your missionary is right. It’s even ok if you date someone for a bit. If you are supposed to be with your missionary you will even if you date while he is gone

-Put your life in Heavenly Fathers hands, your missionary is doing this and you should be too. He has a plan that will make you the happiest. Remember that even if it is different from yours.

– it’s ok that you are scared but you have made it this far so you will be good 🙂

-grow spiritually make sure you are going to church, reading scriptures, going to the temple, and that you have good friends who uplift you

-it’s ok if things don’t work out exactly how you planned

– keep  exercising and make sure you feel great about how you look and feel.

– remember how blessed you are and all the great experiences you’ve had for two years

– everything works out how it should


The day he comes home get all dolled up, try to eat and relax. BREATHE!!!!! People will tell you he is going to be weird. He might be or he will be like mine and is so totally normal that it freaks you out and you are weird. Also it’s ok to like hold hands, you won’t break him I promise. Enjoy because this is a fun time and your future looks bright 🙂


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