New Years

2013 has been an amazing year!!! We celebrated our first year of marriage, moved five times, and have traveled through sixteen states. I can feel though that 2014 is going to be the best year yet and Brandon and I have lots of adventures ahead of us. Last night we took the time to sit down and write all of our New Years Resolutions down and they are now on our fridge. I thought I would share my personal ones and share a few that Brandon and I plan to do together

  1. Exercise 5 days a week (I have a goal to loose 40 pounds this year)
  2. Serve others more often
  3. Learn to style and love my naturally curly hair and get back to my natural color.
  4. Become a certified BBQ judge
  5. Get my concealed carry permit
  6. Be 100% active in church
  7. Nothing below a B in school
  8. Read at least 5 books outside of school
  9. Learn to BBQ on a legit grill
  10. Hang out with my friends more often
  11. Visit with my Aunt Kaylene more often
  12. 100% visiting teaching
  13. Learn to cook with more veggies
  14. Run a half marathon
  15. Accomplish a pinterest craft or recipe once a month
  16. Email Kathryn and Austin more often
  17. Improve my wardrobe
  18. Get back into making cakes again
  19. Learn to improve my photography
  20. Have healthier skin
  21. Go to Zumba once a week
  22. Blog once a week

A few that Brandon and I want to do together are

  1.  Learn how to Slackline
  2. Go to the temple once a month
  3. Dress up for Halloween
  4. Save at least $25 a month
  5. Buy two handguns

Happy New Year Everyone!!!




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