Clarisonic Mia 2

If you are into beauty blogs or love makeup and skin stores than you have probably heard of the clarisonic brushes. I have read many blogs and reviews that absolutely rave about the superpowers of this magic skin care brush. So three weeks ago I caved and bought it. I bought this totally convinced I was going to love it and that it would give me amazingly beautiful skin that made angels sing and children cry from the pure awesomeness and beauty of my skin. However after three weeks of using it I have decided to return it because it is just not as fantastic as the price would indicate. So I thought I would list the pros and cons for anyone considering buying one or just eying them.


  1. My skin was soft and felt like silk
  2. It lessened my blackheads
  3. My skin felt really clean
  4. It has a timer for the different parts of your face
  5. I felt like my cleanser, toner, and moisturizer were going deeper into my skin


  1. It is $160
  2. It made me break out more because it was bringing stuff to the surface
  3. It makes my face really itchy and so I touch my face more
  4. I feel like my pores look larger

There are definitely some positives and it is nice but for $160 I feel the cons shouldn’t exist. I have heard that sometimes the sensitive brush is better and if you switch to that it works well, but that is another $25 on an item that I just bought for $160. About I didn’t have absolutely terrible experiences but they weren’t great either… For the price range I feel there has got to be better options available. This is a good product for some people but just be aware it isn’t a solution for everyone.





One thought on “Clarisonic Mia 2

  1. The first two weeks are the worst because it does bring all the impurities to the surface of your face. I purchased mine for $99 from the if you ever want to try it again sometime. 🙂

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