Goodbye Gluten

Ever since I was a little girl I have had stomach problems. I can remember being little and rushing to the emergency room with stomach pain so intense I could hardly move or breathe. I’ve seen many doctors over the years and they have each had different theories. Some have believed it was in my head, others have thought I had IBS, most have been confused and haven’t been able to come up with an answer. When I was 18 I had a doctor that finally tested my gallbladder and found out it wasn’t working. I had it removed and for a while some of the stomach pain, nausea, and fatigue went away. Over the years, though, it has returned and my symptoms seem to be getting worse. I feel tired all the time, my stomach hurts everyday, I am nauseous, and I’m having a difficult time remembering things. I don’t know for sure if I have developed an intolerance to gluten but I am going to try an elimination diet for a few months to see if I can notice a difference. I am really praying this helps but I am also nervous to start this journey. I am a baker and I will have to learn new ways to bake all of my recipes. Also, saying goodbye to pasta and pizza is going to be difficult. I am a little nervous because gluten is in the majority of my diet, but I am hopeful that this will help me to finally feel healthy and resolve some of the issues I have been having. I will keep this blog updated about how it is going and post recipes that I like as I find them. Wish me luck!!!


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