Chicken Fra Diavolo with Zoodles


My husband and I have been participating in a whole 30 and just trying to eat healthier. In the whole 30 you can’t eat any dairy, grains, or added sugar for 30 days so I have had to be creative with our veggies. I LOVE pasta and didn’t think I could find a healthy substitute that would taste delicious but than I tried zoodles and boy was I wrong. Zoodles are noodles made from peeled zucchini and if you haven’t tried them you are missing out. I made some fra diavolo sauce the night before with this recipe I made a couple changes to the recipe by using fresh roma tomatoes, adding a little basil and oregeno, and blending the sauce.

Zoodle recipe:
4 zucchinis
2tbs ghee( can use butter if not on whole 30)
1.5 tsp minced garlic
salt and pepper to taste

Peel the skin off the zucchinis and than use the peeler to slice noodles. Saute in a large pan with ghee and garlic till hot. Take off the heat and salt and pepper. Top with Fra Diavolo sauce and grilled chicken.

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